Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Misadventures Part IV

The whole not-breathing thing lasted till the following Wednesday. The dt's from all the meds lasted through Sunday. I didn't work Monday but was able to be up and about the next day. I was pretty damned miserable, since I wanted to be active but couldn't really breathe, so no walking.

I managed a follow-up ultrasound that week, and a clinic visit with Dr. V the week after. He was very apologetic, telling me that if he had had any idea that I would be in so much pain he would have prepared me better. I told him that it was okay; we all had bad days and I was sure he hadn't planned such a rough procedure.

What made the difference for me was that, the Sunday after I came home from the hospital, I received a phone call from Dr. V. A dr has never ever called me at home. He was just checking in, wanted to know how I was feeling, wanted to tell me what the test showed, and when he wanted to see me next. I was nonplussed, and very impressed. I do expect directness from my drs, and kindness is a bonus, but this was way cool.

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  1. Hey there...I follow your blog but haven't seen any updates for a while. I just hope all is well.