Monday, May 4, 2009


Today is a work at home day.

I see how the office thing, the going back to my world of environmental reviews and permits and meetings and customer service, the embroilment in the drama of the workplace... can be distracting from the real work of my life.

This time of working only part time is really aimed at maintaining the balance. The ability to stay calm when buttons are pushed, to remind myself to get up from a long (if interesting) document to get a nutritious lunch, to break for a walk in the middle of the day, to sleep when I need to sleep.

I want to keep up with writing. A lot of it still goes on in my head, mostly because I let other things push it out of my daily timeline. But in so many ways it's my sanity.

My days have been getting fuller. (Ick. More full?) It's been since at least last Tuesday that I had a long stretch of time when I thought "what will I do next" and Tuesday it's just because I was exhausted. Social events Thursday on were good for me. I am a bit wary of being too close to other people and am not all that excited about restaurant food or party food, but that will come back to me. I hope people around me understand a little when I sit at the back of the room, or don't take them up on the offer of the mayonnaisy salad that's been sitting out for 3 hours, or... :-)

Maybe I'll just take it up permanently as an affectation. I needed something to make me more weird. Weirder. (Now that word I like.)

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