Wednesday, May 13, 2009


It must be May 12 because I have a sticker on the back of my jacket saying it is so. Let's just say that the sticker migrated to Martin yesterday and somehow made it back to me for the next 36 hours.

We are at war.

And, oh crap. My ultrasound was a little questionable, so I have to have a CT scan next Tuesday morning... which are just about my favorite thing. (It's a tossup as to what I like best: the IV, the metallic taste of the contrast, or the feeling that I have wet myself.) They want to see if I have a stricture (scar tissue?) or some other narrowing of my portal vein.

I called the nurse back to determine the panic factor. As of right now there is none - we have to wait for the CT results. If there *is* a problem (which the internets tell me is kind of common with tx) then it can be treated with angioplasty or something else which I forget right now. Yay. I hope the ultrasound was wrong. Sigh.

All this when I was getting excited to get back to normal! Oh well. I still am pretty normal. Got a couple of miles in last night and this morning, and will probably head out again this evening if the rain is not torrential. Wish it was warmer.

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