Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Someone turned the cold back on. It was sunny this morning when we left for Seattle!

I "get" to have an angiogram on Friday. I am not ultra-excited about the sedation and the loss of a day, but I suppose I'll make it through. They will thread down through my neck (more vampire bites, please!!!!) and through my liver and then back up into the portal vein, to make sure that any scarring is adequately cleared out, or whatever.

I think I should have paid attention in science.

This also means I am not 'free' from the tx clinic, which is okay, too. I was mean today and teased the surgical resident (age: approximately 14)... we had been talking about surgical hernias and I pointed out to where I had had one before. He asked what the surgical scar was, and I noted that I had had a biliary stent migrate out.

What I didn't know was that he was looking at my splenectomy scar, which is totally in the wrong place for a stent migration; it's not immediately obvious that my new tx vertical scar is immediately over the previous scar. He got a little flustered and I just laughed. Then I was reminded "please don't tease the health care professionals." :-) Senses of humor in doctors are typically a good thing.

Now I'm home and debating the merits of a nap after 3:30. It's probably ill-advised if I care to sleep tonight. Harumph.

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