Tuesday, May 12, 2009


It must be May 12, because I have a sticker on my sweater with that date, signifying that I answered all the swine-flu screening questions okay at the UWMC this morning.

Marcie is too ambitious. I arrived this morning at 6:15 of all the ungodly hours, 24-hour urine sample in hand (well, in jug, in hand) and managed to actually finish the whole morning a half hour early - after an ultrasound (which did not hurt as much as I had thought it might, what with all the poking in my side and all, plus they now have a goo warmer!) and a dexa scan (where the tech actually asked if I was a dancer because my hip muscles flex -- ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! -- then when I laughed he asked if I was a runner!!!!) I tell ya...

We had time for breakfast with Marty, where I made the smart decision to have egg beaters and accessories rather than the blueberry waffle I initially wanted. Of course now I am craving maple syrup, so.... :-)

I had time between the oh-dark-thirty lab and the ultrasound, so I wandered the corridors of the UWMC. (Does that count as my walk for today?) and located the surgery, the waiting room, travel medicine, repiratory functions lab, and all sorts of fun things. I didn't linger at (or really even look in) the waiting room. It looked overlit and sad.

It's still interesting to see people at clinic blood draw. The woman who was my next-door neighbor in the hospital (who got her tx right before I got mine) was there today, she looks as well as I do. The woman who was new last week was wincing less this week. Cute Kidney tx guy (as I call him) came with someone other than his girlfriend.

And then, on the way home, I got a little sad thinking that next week could possibly be my last Tuesday morning trudge. I see the surgeon on Tuesday and if all is well they will send me back to Dr. K, and I'll have a little more leeway on when I have blood draws, I think, and won't be part of a "cohort" anymore. It seems too soon. It seems like there are a lot of questions I still need to ask, a lot of things I still need to know.

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