Saturday, April 4, 2009


Shirley Schultz wrote:
Hello, everyone -

I am trying to get a base level email out to everyone, since emails have been kind of random and background info has been spotty....

Tuesday morning I got "the" call from the UW Med Center that there was a potential liver match for me, and could I be in to the clinic by noon. I have been hovering in the "top ten" the way they figure things around here, but even though I was prepared I have always been more prepared for someone to be sicker than me. Even after 7 years it was all kind of a surprise!

Anyhow, I was in surgery all of Wednesday, in and out of it most of yesterday, and transferred out of ICU this afternoon. I don't need anything - but will want contact from folks after I get to move home. I plan to get some stuff done on "blogger" and so this will be the only mass email other than when I send out the blogger post.

For the next several days, though, I will be at the UWMC in Seattle, room 4334 if you want to call here. I will try to check emails but mostly will be out of it.


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