Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oh wait, it's "turn and face the STRAIN"

Well, with apologies to Mr. Bowie, I like my misunderstood lyrics better. Change is only sometimes difficult, but it's almost always strange.

Here are some other things.

My skin has entirely shed itself.
I can't quantify it, but while I am still sleepy and get tired due to, oh, I don't know, major surgery or something, there is not the bone-deep exhaustion that has been my companion for the last as long as I can remember. Sure, I am still up for an attempt at 16 straight hours of sleep, but I really don't think I'd succeed. 8 seems to suit me fine now.
There is no lingering dull pain below my right ribs.
All my hair is falling out - this is typical after a physical trauma (also happens after childbirth) so approximately 4 months from now I'll have a much larger than usual proportion of new hair.
My eyes aren't tired.

However, as previously mentioned, I still hate mornings. Mondays especially. And I still cannot dance. Siiiiiigh.

And, who knew? I like milk.

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