Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I have been alone for two hours now, with no clear picture of who will next be in my house. It's odd. Weird. After having someone here nonstop for the last three weeks! Betsey is pleased.

The surgeon said that having full-time supervision is nice, but "there's no book about this." After I mentioned that I was bored enough that I had considered making cat costumes... I did receive a limited release for work-type and more active activities.

Nurse M, though, just got a quizzical look on her face when asked if I could be alone. As in "I can't believe she hasn't killed all you family members yet. Let her be!"

Still no driving. I bless my neighborhood with the 94.8 on the walkability scale. No lifting, but that's cool with my laziness factor. I still "get" to go to the UW at 6:30 every Tuesday, but don't see the dr. again till May 19... then they may spin me back to my regular doctor. Wheeee!

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