Thursday, April 9, 2009


Today was my dad's birthday... 76th! The rest of my family had a barbecue on Sunday evening but I couldn't go. That made me sad. But then, I'm not into extraneous car rides yet.

So we had breakfast, and mom and I walked to the bakery for birthday treats. I can now appreciate my mom's walking pace, especially on hills, and we are well-matched. I hope I live to be 76 and slow down again... but till then I certainly hope my life can speed up a bit! I did get dressed and out of the house before ten this morning, so that was an accomplishment in itself!

Martin is back from his business trip. Words cannot describe. He is not "on duty" this afternoon (Sarah is here) so we are doing one of the things we do best: hanging around and listening to music, and to each other breathe.

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