Thursday, April 23, 2009


Woops. I spent too much time playing on line and doing email, and don't have the half hour I planned to write. Sigh.

Yesterday I returned to the office for an hour or so to meet about working from home for awhile. It was really really nice to see everyone. And yes, I heard "but you didn't seem sick" more than once. Case in point, I suppose.

But it felt great to at least start thinking about being back in the swing of things. Using my brain because TV is so boring and books can only get me so far. It'll take some time to recall little details from some of my projects, but that's okay.

Meanwhile, Kath and Gary moved all their furniture into their new house yesterday, so Martin and I spent the evening up there. I sat in the armchair by the fire while the three of them moved furniture, positioned art work, and made dinner. Ahhhh, so rough! And today it's off to the tulips with my family. Still tired and sore, and only good to be on my feet for a few hours at a time.

I am v. happy that it's sunny this morning. I hope it stays this way for much of the day.

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