Wednesday, April 8, 2009


First (non-family, non-condo-building) visitor!!! Thanks for the flowers, Natalie!!!

It's a good day so far. It was funny being escorted around the park by my dad and Gary... I felt like I had henchmen. Dad and Taosi are making friends with all the residents of Wright Park, which is a tender but kind of scary thing. :-) Taosi can hold her own, though.

Gary is on duty this afternoon... being off-call and "free" on Wednesdays, and he'll be making STEAK tonight for dinner. I think I could get used to the hand-and-foot waiting thing. Maybe.

Oh, wait. Lisa and Shannon came by on last Thursday. So I guess that makes today the third. Oops. Well, I have not taken any narcotics for 6 days so one would think that I'll stop having such memory gaps...

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