Friday, April 10, 2009


I am so fortunate with my family. My parents are retired, and Sarah is yet-to-be-employed after moving to WA in February, and Kathy and Gary own their own practices, and Marcie's boss (Kathy) allows a flex schedule. So, yes, I have around-the-clock care and supervision, which is somewhat irritating as I am used to being single, alone, and not encumbered with another person (unless it's Martin, and he's another matter entirely). On the other hand it's nice.

I could probably muster up some feelings of guilt about how everyone has bent their plans, schedules, timelines, and worries to care for me... but then.

When I moved to Tacoma I made the totally impractical decision to buy a daybed (Big Red) instead of a traditional sofa for my lovely water-view living room in the Tacoma Ave apartment. It's TERRIBLE for furniture -- too deep to sit in, high arms, no back, etc., but it has the advantage of being a twin-sized mattress/bed. Nights become a sort of slumber party with my sissies and niece, watching trashy tv or a brainless romantic comedy. Mornings my parents have been napping while I snooze, and a few afternooners who shall remain nameless have indulged in sleeping while I play online, or read, or....

One thing about "caring for" me during this time (which consists primarily of opening and closing windows, and lifting) is that -- at least I'd like to think it is -- it's a little respite from the rest of the world. They may have a different viewpoint... but then this is my story!!!

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