Sunday, April 19, 2009



A gorgeous Sunday here in Tacoma. I was really really happy to see all the people out at Point Defiance (before noon!) and then Wright Park was occupied all day long. It was a day for exploring the Japanese Gardens, the Northwest garden... and really all sorts of places I've never been in the central portion of P.D. However, I think I may regret the time spent in the sun while on a Sulfa drug... definitely pink on my face. Sigh!!!

Also spent time with two friends today (aside from Martin) and just hung out. Managed at least a couple of miles today, and am watching trashy tv with Kathy! Have returned to light housecleaning and even some cooking, which is very very nice to be able to do.

Is tomorrow Monday? Tuesday I hope to get at least a limited release from the surgeon to return to some "normal" activities.... we'll see!

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