Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Mmmm. Sleep has taken hold with a vengeance; I want to nod off at all times now, but am limiting naps to earlier in the day so that I can regain a semblance of a biorhythm. I think that's spelled wrong.

Yesterday was a long and tiring (but not tiresome) day. The 6:30 trip to the lab at the UW was more like 6:50, followed by a trip up Sandpoint Way to get breakfast and take coffee and roll to Martin... he needed a nice perk for his Tuesday -- and hey, I'd never complain if someone delivered me breakfast!!! Okay, well, once I get back to caffeine.

Yesterday was also a mile at a good pace with George and Heather. That was really nice! My body protests... still sore and unhappy at holding myself upright all day. I get more range of motion, and am reading like a fiend.

Good news from the lab is that one of my side-effect-ridden anti-rejection meds has been reduced. I still have way, way too many platelets, so more aspirin, but then that will take place of the tylenol I've been having for pain. :-)

Now, maybe, a nap. I've dutifully had my p.m. snack (yogurt: my best friend). Gary is playing with his new Garmin and trying to fix the battery in his CRV. Marcie is playing with the cat in hopes that she will sleep all night (apparently she and Kathy warred all last night...)

Looking forward to tomorrow, the day after that, and getting back my capacity to do some work.

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